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Google Code-in 2010 The Apertium project

Expansion of Macedonian Wikipedia

completed by: Julia Cholakova

mentors: Francis Tyers

Bulgarian Wikipedia has 107,355 articles, Macedonian Wikipedia has 42,112, less than half as many. The task is to translate six articles of medium length from Bulgarian Wikipedia to Macedonian Wikipedia using Apertium, and then postedit them (posteditting means fixing the machine translation so that it is as good as a human translation).

Explain to the local Wikipedia community what you are doing beforehand. You can find some suggestions for how to go about this here:

In order to mark this task as completed you will need to submit a list of articles, the diff from the first version to your posteditted version and a link to the page where you got the 'OK' from community.

If you have further questions, ask a mentor.