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Google Code-in 2010 The Apertium project

Translate Afrikaans verbs, adverbs and closed categories into Dutch

completed by: AureiAnimus

mentors: Francis Tyers

We have the beginnings of a translator for Dutch--Afrikaans, but we need some more translations. The task is to translate the following files from Afrikaans to Dutch:

There are:

  155 pending_adverbs.txt
  120 pending_numerals.txt
   91 pending_verbs.txt
   54 pending_determiners.txt
   46 pending_prepositions.txt
   12 pending_conjunctions.txt
    9 pending_pronouns.txt

In total 487 entries

You will need to work with your mentor on the closed categories.

It will also be necessary to translate the remaining 60 or so nouns and adjectives.