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Google Code-in 2010 The Apertium project

Extract Dutch inflection from Wiktionary

completed by: AureiAnimus

mentors: Francis Tyers

Wiktionary has a lot of information on Dutch inflection that could be used by Apertium to make a morphological analyser. This task will involve downloading and processing inflection from Wiktionary into a form that can be usable by Apertium.

It is recommended that you first take a look at each of the categories and get a list of article names, download the articles as HTML and then process the HTML with a script. For example using perl or python.

==Examples from Wiktionary=

* Verbs:

* Adjectives:

* Nouns:

==Example output==

Futher information on the example output will be given on request.


gebouw; gebouw; sg; n.nt
gebouw;  gebouwen; pl; n.nt