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Google Code-in 2010 The Apertium project

Report on release freshness

completed by: Kamila

mentors: Francis Tyers

Go through all the 25 released language pairs in our SVN and note down their date of last release[1] and how many dictionary entries and rules the released package has.

Then go to SVN and look at the module for the released pair and find out how many dictionary entries and rules it has.[2] Put this into a CSV spreadsheet and email the mailing list. Example spreadsheet:





Why? Our release cycle is very slow, and often we get pairs in trunk which have substantial improvements but have not been released.



2. Here are some tips on how to caclulate the numbers you will need for the spreadsheet:

fran@eki:/tmp/apertium-mk-bg-0.2.0$ cat | grep '<e lm' | wc -l

fran@eki:/tmp/apertium-mk-bg-0.2.0$ cat | grep '<e lm' | wc -l

fran@eki:/tmp/apertium-mk-bg-0.2.0$ cat | grep '<l' | wc -l

fran@eki:/tmp/apertium-mk-bg-0.2.0$ cat*x | grep '<rul' | wc -l

fran@eki:/tmp/apertium-mk-bg-0.2.0$ cat*x | grep '<rul' | wc -l

fran@eki:~/source/apertium/trunk/apertium-mk-bg$ svn info | grep 'Last Changed Date'
Last Changed Date: 2010-11-03 09:40:47 +0000 (dc, 03 nov 2010)