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Morphological analyser: Dutch

completed by: AureiAnimus

mentors: Francis Tyers, Jimmy O'Regan

Take the Speling files produced by the Wiktionary->Speling task and create a morphological analyser for Dutch. You can use the scripts in the speling/ subdirectory:

Closed categories, such as prepositions and conjunctions should be added first from Wiktionary and then manually (from a grammar or so). Adverbs can be added automatically, and from a grammar (usually they have lists of 'time', 'place', 'manner' adverbs).

This task will require some automatic generation of entries, and some manual editting. The final file should be proofread to check the validity.

Special attention will need to be paid to verbs, these will need some special treatment in order to be generated by the Speling scripts.