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Google Code-in 2010 Debian Project

Add icons whenever a program lacks them (instance #01)

completed by: aergus

mentors: smoe


Add icons whenever a program lacks them


  • Explanation: People love good icons. They are difficult to create, though. With more recent tools like inkscape, the preparation of icons is still difficult but possibly with a lower entry hurdle. Sometimes the packager has just forgotten to reference the icon in the package's menu description.

  • Results: self-created SVG files and/or patches to the Debian package and/or upstream

  • Pre-requisites: a hidden (or not so hidden) artist in you

  • Linkshttp://tango.freedesktop.orghttp://www.debianart.org

  • Communication:

  • ContactSteffenMoeller - asking to be substituted

  • Difficulty: easy-hard

  • Time: 1-infinite weeks