GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2010 Debian Project

Triage 3 bugs

completed by: aergus

mentors: Ana Guerrero

The goal of this task is helping maintainers to update the status of their bugs. You need to update the information of 3 bugs.


Steps to complete this tasks

  1. Read how the Debian bug tracking system works (
  2. Select an application you use and check its bugs.
  3. Pick a bug, read carefully the report and try to reproduce the issue.
  4. Update the bug report with your findings, it means providing information suchs as:


  • The steps you took to reproduce the issue
  • The result in your system
  • if you are using a newer version of the package and you can reproduce or not the bug with it
  • If you have found where the problem is (in some bugs report this is not very detailed)
  • if you think the bug should belong to another package
Then when you have done this in 3 bugs, please indicate in a comment the bugs you have triaged.

If you need help, join #debian-soc in and make your questions there.