GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2010 DragonFly BSD

Create a vkernel screencast

completed by: rfw

mentors: Samuel J. Greear, Alex Hornung

Create a brief video, similar to a rails-cast or one of the many other well put together how-to videos common on the internet today, detailing the setup of a vkernel environment on DragonFly based on the vkernel manpage.

The first phase of this task will be to complete a script that will be used to annotate the video with audio. The script should be centered around cue points, which are individual topics that are to be conveyed sequentially in the video. The script should be provided here before the video is dubbed (or recorded live with the voice overlay, whatever is your preference) and more than one revision is to be expected. The resulting video should be dubbed or recorded live with these points read, that said, the person who performs this task must speak english well, and must not have an overly thick accent, that is to say, they must be easily understandable by most native english speakers as well as those for whom english is not their first language.

The video should be provided encoded in h264 in a resolution that breaks the "HD" (effectively greater than 480p, 720p range preferred, size permitting) barrier and a bitrate that keeps all menu's and text looking sharp. A server to which the video can be uploaded will be provided if needed. can be used as an example of an excellent screencast.