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Google Code-in 2010 Drupal

Usability test Drupal

completed by: Dan Silver

mentors: Bojhan Somers

Doing a usability test of Drupal means you will observe while a friend, family or anyone will attempt to perform a series of tasks with Drupal. This kind of user feedback is fundamental to improving the usability and user experience of Drupal. It will help you build a better understanding of users in general, allowing you to design better user centered systems future wise.

Beside reading the Usability test kit, there are a few quick steps to follow :


  • Recruit study participants, this could be anyone - but preferably someone with enough web experience.

Test session (30 minutes)

  • Prepare (read the usability beginner/intermediate test plan), setup recording or note taking parts
  • Follow the test plan in the Usability test kit, you probably only have time for the first 3/4 tasks (thats fine)


  • Summarize your findings, focus on lining out your observations first
  • Share notes or recording

There is no particular skill required for doing usability testing, understanding of Drupal 7 is a plus but not required. Although this is a design task, no actual design work is involved its only about observing users and reporting back. We suggest trying to recruit up to 3 participants (more is always welcome).

The deliverable is a summary of your findings and possible recordings or notes(of individual sessions).


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