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Google Code-in 2010 Drupal

Write up guidelines for mobile themes

completed by: Darkstar07

mentors: Chuck Vose


Task description:
Making themes for mobile users is becoming increasingly more important but the knowledge doesn't seem to be cohesive in the Drupal community. The goal would be to create a guide that Zen subthemers could easily use to make a mobile version of their theme.

This would be targeted at a front-end developer that knows their way around Zen but may not know the particular CSS hacks to get a mobile site going. Perhaps they haven't read your article and realized how easy it can be!

At the end of the project there should be an article on your blog and an issue in the Zen issues queue to add the text to the Zen handbook. If you find any themes in Drupal that are already supporting a mobile version links to those themes should be present. If not, links and citations to guides that you find around the internet should be included. Getting the Zen issue committed will not be required but active engagement with the community via the issue queue and irc will be needed.

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