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Google Code-in 2010 Drupal

Create a Drupal marketing brochure for end users and decision makers.

completed by: den

mentors: eigentor


Drupal has lots and lots of features. Still Products with much fewer features often manage to market them better.
Create a brochure that targets the not-so-technical people that still could gain a lot from using drupal.
Good design and typography are important. If you are not a designer but have a convincing concept in your mind, go for it. We can help you on the design later in that case.

The brochure should primarily target decision makers: Executives of companies, Heads of the IT department that have technical knowledge but not so much specific knowledge in the web field, and also End users that have enough basic knowledge and courage to do their website themselves.

Collect the main features that are relevant to this group. Prioritize the features: which are the most important? Many of the high-end virtues that we drupalists go crazy about (like fields in core) cannot be explained easily to the intended audience. If the _do_ matter to them, find a way to explain and illustrate them so it is easily understandable.

Modern brochures operate with a lot of large, often page-filling images. This is much preferred, but creativity rules: if you find another way of getting the message over in an emotionally engaging way, go for it.
Texts should be not too long and structured with typographic means as subheadlines and clever use of paragraphs.

You can set the general mood: the brochure can have a lot of business and corporate appeal or be more on the side of stressing the friendliness of Drupal.

A brochure with about 8-16 pages. A4 (or US Letter) format is preferred. If you find a creative way of using a smaller format, go for it.
The brochure must be delivered as Offset printable PDF als well as an editable Format like Adobe Indesign, Scribus or another widespread format like Open Office.


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