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Google Code-in 2010 Drupal

Create an icon set for Outline Designer

completed by: Joseph El-Khouri

mentors: Daniel Wehner

Task Description

The Outline Designer is a project that helps users create outlines of content quickly. It is a large usability project that helps improve the User interface of Drupal when it comes to outlining content. Since most of the UI is visual improvements, I think the project (and Drupal as a whole) could greatly benefit from the creation of another GPL icon set.


A set of icons to replace the ones currently used by the outline designer. This would involve the creation of new versions of every icon in the outline designer images folder. Most icons are 16x16 and any generated icons would have to match the dimensions of the originals. As bonus it would be nice to also include icons for the following common content type names (also would have to be 16x16 and named {name}.png): book, page, story, group, assignment, image, video, image gallery, folder, link, front page, node.

Resources -- Project page (images currently used in the latest version of Outline Designer).

Primary Contact

btopro or someone with graphic design experience to help shape art style link: