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Clean up Drupal 7 API documentation Topics

completed by: Peter Hoffmann

mentors: Jennifer Hodgdon



If you go to the Topics page on api.d.o for Drupal 7

You will see that there are a number of topics that are completely empty (such as Contact updates from 6.x to 7.x) and a number that don't have a description or that don't have a one-line summary.

So the task is to clean up the topics/groups in Drupal 7:
- Remove empty groups
- Make sure each group has a one-line summary
- Consolidate some groups -- for instance, we probably don't need a separate group for the update functions for each module -- they could probably be grouped together more loosely
- Standardize topic names -- for instance, maybe all the Update Functions groups could start with the same word or phrase so they would be alphabetized together


A patch against Drupal 7 core that fixes these issues. The patch should be added to this issue:
The student should also respond to any reviews of the patch, and revise until it has been marked "reviewed and tested by the community" and ideally, committed to Drupal 7's code base.

Resources (Standards for documentation in Drupal code. The section at the bottom, "Limitations and Hints", contains information about how to document groups/topics, and our standards for when they should and shouldn't be used.) (How to update API documentation) (How to create a patch) (CVS information) (checking out the main CVS repository)

Primary Contact

jhodgdon - Jennifer Hodgdon - you can find me on IRC or use the contact form on my user profile (there should be a link to that as I'm the author of this issue)

Drupal Issue

#987384: Topics/groups in D7 need cleanup