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Google Code-in 2010 Drupal

Translate a top Drupal module into another language

completed by: Vlad Victor

mentors: cwgordon7

Drupal supports translation of user interface text into languages other than English. We contribute translations at For this task, you will be asked to translate a Drupal module into another language. This Drupal module must either be one of the top 40 most-used modules, or you must obtain approval from this task's mentor if you wish to translate a different module. The module should not have been previously translated into the language, unless the old translation is severely outdated and you obtain approval from this task's mentor.


All user-facing text for the module must be translated. Note that we will have to have your translations reviewed by someone who speaks your language, so please bear with us if it takes some time to get this task reviewed. The translations are expected to make sense in the translated language, and convey the same meaning as in English. If some Drupal-specific words or phrases have you stuck, please feel free to ask for help!

Resources - Drupal localization server where translations may be suggested. - list of the top Drupal modules from which you can select one to translate. - how to contribute using the localization server.