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Google Code-in 2010 Drupal

Review and Update the WYSIWYG comparison chart/page

completed by: Alex Y.

mentors: Stallon

Task description

Looks like the WYSIWYG comparison chart was originally created as a DROP project: - its last update is from about a year ago now, pre-WYSIWYG API. In other words, wow, this needs updating!

This would be a great task because this (being the first page one gets to in the Content authoring modules section) is an important way for people to discern which text editor best fits their needs, and also because they will learn the differences between the different options, what is considered "valid HTML", the workflow/styleguide for contributing to Drupal Documentation, and (likely?) how to use coder module.

Specific needs:

- Remove any deprecated modules (not supported in D6/7)
- Update the latest release column (a year out of date!)
- Update WYSIWYG API column
- Validate for HTML and coder module (and update columns)
- Update dependencies and file size
- Update Table/Image support column
- Update descriptions below the table
- Roll in comments as appropriate

(If this is too big a task, those last two could be split into a separate task.)


An updated Documentation page, reviewed by a minimum of two other community members (one must be a Docs Team member) and approved so that the original issue can be marked fixed.


- Documentation style guide:
- IRC channels: #drupal-docs #drupal-contribute
- Groups: WYSIWYG and Docs Team

Primary Contact

TBD link