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Review and update list of module weights

completed by: Aaron

mentors: Rolo D. Monkey

The documentation page on updating module weights contains a list, and it may not be very up to date:

My understanding is that you can use the Util module or db queries such as:

db_update('system')->condition('module', $module)->fields('weight' => $new_weight)->execute();


db_select('system', 's')->fields('s', array('module', 'weight'))->execute()->fetchAllAssoc('module');

to find out the weights of the modules.

Original issue, some of this has been addressed on the existing page, but would definitely like to have someone review and updated (and add to) the list.


An updated Documentation page, reviewed by a minimum of two other community members (one must be a Docs Team member) and approved so that the original issue can be marked fixed.


  • Documentation style guide:
  • IRC channels: #drupal-docs #drupal-contribute
Please post all your work to for review. Thanks!