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Google Code-in 2010 GNOME

Gtranslator: modify GtkApplication implementation

completed by: Hamish Morrison

mentors: Ignacio Casal

Currently gtranslator has a --window-new option that creates a new window if this option is specified in the command line. This is wrong. With the current gtkapplication implementation a new window should be created when the gtranslator command is run.  In relation to this it must be done the next:

  • when the signal activate is run create a new window
  • remove the handle-commandline and just manage the open signal
  • To accomplish this task it will be needed to build gtranslator and all the required libs using jhbuild. You can find information about how to do this here. It is an advantage if you have already used jhbuild before.
  • To download the gtranslator code it is a matter of: git clone git://
  • You can also find me in #gtranslator channel of GimpNet IRC (nickname: nacho) for quick questions.
  • Also please file a bug in and attach there the patch (only one patch please).