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Google Code-in 2010 GNOME

Add python classes to anjuta class wizard

completed by: kennym

mentors: Johannes Schmid

Anjuta provides a class wizard that currently allows to create classes for C++ and C(GObject). This class wizard should be extended to also support Python classes.

  • Add a new tab to the class wizard for Python classes
  • Make sure to support as much as possible of pyhon's class features
  • Losely base the UI on the C++ class wizard where appropriate
  • Feel free to refactor inside the existing code if that helps

Contact mailing list:

IRC: #anjuta on (ping "jhs" if you need help)

File results in bugzilla:

Source code (git):

Requires skills:

  • C programming (preferable knowledge of GObject system)
  • Understanding Python concepts

Current master is quite difficult to build so patches will be accepted against the latest stable version (2.32.1) or against the gnome-2-32 branch. git format-patch is preferred.