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Google Code-in 2010 GNOME

Gtranslator: Merge insert-tags and insert-params into one plugin

completed by: kennym

mentors: Ignacio Casal

  • To accomplish this task it will be needed to build gtranslator and all the required libs using jhbuild. You can find information about how to do this here. It is an advantage if you have already used jhbuild before.
  • The plugin is written in C, so some knowledge of this language will be needed but not too much as it is just a matter of modifying the plugin and not writing anything really new. Also other plugins already ported can be taken as example.
  • To download the gtranslator code it is a matter of: git clone git://
  • You can find the code in the plugins folder, so either merge insert-tags in insert-params or insert-params in insert-tags I do not mind about this.
  • You can also find me in #gtranslator channel of GimpNet irc for quick questions.
  • Also please file a bug in and attach there the patch (only one patch please)