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Google Code-in 2010 GNOME

Implement comment/uncomment for C/C++ in anjuta

completed by: Peter Hoffmann

mentors: Johannes Schmid

Some details are described in bug #637695.

The task is to implement two menu items (Edit->Comment->(Un)comment) that comment/uncomment the current Code. This should be done inside the language-support-cpp-java plugin as it is specific to C/C++ and probably Vala/C#.

  • Single line comments should default to /* */ in C and // in C++ files
  • Multi-line comments should be /* */ by default
  • If needed that might configurable in the C/C++ preferences

Nice but not needed:

  • Detect if a line is already commented and do nothing then
  • Make the menu item a toggle that comments/uncomments based on the current state

It is important that this doesn't break the workflow so take care the cursor positions are ok after any action and the undo/redo still work correctly.



IRC #anjuta @ (ping jhs if you have specific questions)

Please file your results as attachment to the bug report preferable as git-format-patch against master but if you have trouble building master a patch against gnome-2-32 branch would be ok, too.