GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2010 GNOME

Localization of packagekit into Romanian

completed by: Vlad Victor

mentors: Lucian Adrian Grijincu

Finish the Romanian translation for packagekit

Task description:

  • subscribe to the Romanian team's mailing list and introduce yourself by sending an email to
  • create an account on and mark the application as reserved for translation
  • download the .po file
  • translate the remaining strings:
    • 119 fuzzy + 149 completely untranslated strings
  • translate according to the team's Translation Guidelines
  • use terms from the team's Glossary
  • upload the new translation on the applications's page
  • work with the reviewers to improve the quality of your translation


  • good knowledge of English and Romanian languages
  • some familiarity with current style and terminology of Romanian GNOME translations (e.g. using a GNOME based OS like Ubuntu with the interface set to Romanian).

Extra: (optional) review the whole translation and correct mistakes.


Primary contact: Lucian Adrian Grijincu

Other info: Romanian translation tasks for GNOME will be added throughout the contest duration. If your application is not addressed in due time, email