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Google Code-in 2010 GNOME

Rhythmbox: Create a context pane page linking to various music websites

completed by: kennym

mentors: Jonathan Matthew

  • Design a simple HTML template that the Rhythmbox context pane can use to provide links to music information websites such as,, and wikipedia. The design should work for small numbers of links (definitely less than 10) and a tall, narrow display area.
  • Look at the existing templates for artist and album information to see how they're constructed. Figure out what information needs to be passed in to render the page.
  • Write out instructions for adding a new site - what do you add to the template, what code needs to be written, do you need to find any icons to use?
  • The page template should be attached to a bug in GNOME bugzilla
Benefits: Makes information about artists and albums more immediately accessible, helps users find new music
Requirements: HTML and CSS, some knowledge of templating systems would help (we use mako), simple python and javascript would probably be useful too
Extra: Work on the python code for filling in the template, which would need to construct URLs for each of the supported sites, and hook the new page in to the rest of the context pane plugin
Links: Existing templates