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Google Code-in 2010 GNOME

Create four icons for the palette for Glade interface designer

completed by: Samuel Dolean

mentors: Johannes Schmid

The glade interface designer is used to create GTK+ user interfaces. Therefore it has a palette that should show an icon for each GtkWidget (or object) that can be added to the ui. Some icons are missing currently and they are listed in #638777.

To finish this task you need to draw four icons listed as missing in the bug and attach them to the bug report. Please note that the icons are 16x16 only so they shouldn't show much detail while giving an idea how the widget looks like. Some screenshots can be found in the GTK+ reference documentation but there are also object that have no visual representation because they are internal data structures. The documentation has a descriotion of each object though. Please provide the icons as svg and use the icon names listed in the bug report.

Contact: jhs AT