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Google Code-in 2010 GNOME

Translate eog documentation into Romanian (part 1)

completed by: Daniel Toma

mentors: Daniel Șerbănescu

Translate ~80 strings:

Task description:

  • administrative things (so we'll be able to communicate better)
    1. subscribe to the Romanian team's mailing list
    2. introduce yourself by sending an email to
    3. create an account on
    4. apply for membership to the Romanian team
  • the translation
    1. mark the application you're translating as reserved for translation
    2. download the .po file
    3. translate the remaining strings:
    4. translate according to the team's Translation Guidelines
    5. use terms from the team's Glossary
    6. upload the new translation on the applications's page
    7. work with the reviewers to improve the quality of your translation


  • good knowledge of English and Romanian languages
  • some familiarity with current style and terminology of Romanian GNOME translations (e.g. using a GNOME based OS like Ubuntu with the interface set to Romanian).

Extra: (optional) review the whole translation and correct mistakes.


Contact: Lucian Adrian Grijincu and Daniel Șerbănescu

Other info: Romanian translation tasks for GNOME will be added throughout the contest duration. If your application is not addressed in due time, send an email to the mailing list.