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Google Code-in 2010 GNOME

libgdata: Demo programs

completed by: escozzia

mentors: Philip Withnall

Write one (or more!) interesting demo programs for libgdata showcasing what can be done with Google services on the desktop. We are looking for one or more interesting programs which use data from Google services on the desktop. One example would be a program which displays a map (using libchamplain) with markers for YouTube videos and PicasaWeb photos matching a user-provided query. You'll have to have a good idea for a program first (which we agree upon) before implementing it, but there are many possibilities. “Mashups” are especially welcome! The program should be delivered as a patch in Bugzilla, attached to the existing bug report. The program should be well written and well commented, as it will serve as documentation for libgdata. However, you need not bother with the build system changes, as that will just waste time. I can sort those out.
Benefits: Demo programs serve both as an interesting marketing tool for the project and also as documentation on how to achieve things using libgdata.
Requirements: C and GObject, GTK+ (if you plan to create a graphical demo program). Knowledge of libgdata itself would be helpful, but should not be necessary.
Extra (optional!): Write more than one demo program!