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Google Code-in 2010 Haiku

Add translations for apps (A-E) Romanian

completed by: kuchiki14

mentors: Victor Carbune, scottmc

Translate the applications that have still yet to be translated by the Haiku Community into Romanian.

This task requires focussing on applications that begin with the letters A through to E in the English language. That is translating the Haiku application AboutSystem through to the Haiku application Expander.

    * AboutSystem
    * Appearance Preflet
    * Backgrounds Preflet
    * Bluetooth Kit
    * Bluetooth Preflet
    * BootMan
    * CPUFrequency Preflet
    * Deskbar
    * DiskProbe
    * DriveSetup
    * dstconfig Command
    * Expander



This task will see you using the Haiku Translation Assistant, which will help you to translate these applications into the required language. You will need to register an account to use the Haiku Translation Assistant. To register, simply click here and then the register link which can be found on the top right-hand corner of the Web page.

On the Haiku Translation Assistant web page, there are progress indicators that appear next to the application's name as tiny pie charts that indicate how much work has been done on a particular application. 

  • Black indicates untranslated portions. 
  • Yellow means that a portion has been translated but hasn't yet been approved by a team leader. 
  • Green indicates an accepted portion.
  • Blue, which indicates a portion is superseded by a more common dialect. 
  • Red indicates a portion that needs revision.


Your aim is to have all the applications from A-E show up at least yellow for your language. However some allowances can be made if you are struggling with an overly technical string or you are having problems in relation to the computer code included in some strings.



However, do not remove any computer code from the translation string while translating. If you were to be translating a string to say the New Zealand version of English and some of the string is in computer code, you would not change the computer code. The computer code can be seen here embolden in a string in New Zealand "English". 

Can't open-as \"%document\" cuz appa \"%app\" is in the Rubbish ay. 

Some of the computer code might be in amongst the writing you are translating, this should only be the case with the code meaning "new line" which signifies the end of the current line and looks like this "\n". In the next example you would keep parts written in boldface and translate the writing written in standard face. 


If you are not sure you can always ask here what to do in a situation. You could also possibly ask on relevant Haiku language mailing list if one should exist; a link to these can be found at the end of this task. 



Benefits: Haiku is a global organisation to create a new open-source operating system that specifically targets personal computing. Haiku aims to be fast, simple to use, easy to learn and yet very powerful. However some users might not speak English, so therefore it is important for these applications is to be translated into all languages, so that Haiku is powerful and easy to use for these users as well.

Requirements: A good understanding of the required language and the competence to translate it is needed. You will also need a understanding of English that allows you to understand some more technical language that might be used; but you would not be reading this if you did not have this skill already.

Extra: If there is a relevant Haiku language mailing list for your language, try asking there for for suggestions on how you could improve your translating or if they have any tips for you. A link can be found in the next section.


Haiku Translation Assistant

General Localisation mailing list

List of mailing lists for Localisation