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Google Code-in 2010 Haiku

Create a Wikipedia article about the Haiku Vector Icon Format (HVIF)

completed by: aergus

mentors: Richard Nyhus

Create a Wikipedia article about the Haiku Vector Icon Format (HVIF).


This article should introduce the reader to this technology for the first time while being encyclopaedic in nature and citing sources where possible.

Inspiration can be gained from the SVG (Scalable_Vector Graphics) format's page.



You will need to first research and record information that you find on the technology that is behind the format and the history of the format. This can be found on the Haiku Website and on the mailing list archives.

The next step is to write the article using this information that you have collected. It should end up being only around one tenth the size of the SVG page. 

After which you should link the article to relevant wiki pages related to both Haiku and vector graphic formats.