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Google Code-in 2010 Haiku

Test FTP put and get on Haiku, vs another OS on the same PC

completed by: Gerard S

mentors: scottmc

Several years ago I ran a test with Haiku running natively on a PC connecting to an FTP server On another PC on the local net, transferred a few files using put and get using the ftp command line apps in Haiku and in Ubuntu.  I took screenshots in both cases so I could compare the kbps between the OSes.  Haiku has seen much improvement to it's networking in the past 3 years, so we should recheck this same test to see if this have improved any.

For this task you will need to install Haiku on real hardware, as installing it in a VM may affect the speed.  Ideally you'll have it set to multi-boot on a single PC.  Setup an FTP server and sent files back and forth.  SFTP would also be fine for this testing, as long as you'll be able to take screenshots that show the final kbps transfer rates for each file.  Check the screenshots on Haiku trac ticket #1958 for examples of the screenshots we'd like to see for this task.