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Google Code-in 2010 Haiku

Create a Quality Assurance kit - [1] Checklist

completed by: aergus

mentors: Alexandre Deckner

Haiku doesn't have any quality assurance checklist. Before each release, this checklist and test data would be checked by the community at large so that we can assert a basic quality level before each release.

The task is divided in two parts, please see "Create a Quality Assurance kit - [2] Test data" for the other part.

[1] Checklist :

This first part of the task is about researching the different components of the operating system and how they can be tested through simple usage scenarios.

You'll find simple tests that can confirm or infirm the good behavior of each basic functionality. Each item should be numbered and be as minimal as possible (i.e two separate  items for move/copy files)


A - Media

1 - Double click on an image / html doc / etc.

2 - Test all supported image types. Open / Save

3 - Test all supported video / audio types.

4 - ...


B - Networking

1 - Connect to an ssh server.

2 - Open a web page.

3 - Submit a form.

4 - ...


C - File operations

1 - Create a directory

2 - Create a relative link

3 - Move big file

4 - Copy big file

5 - etc..


D - ....