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Google Code-in 2010 Haiku

Create a demo package - audio

completed by: aergus

mentors: humdinger


We need media material when doing presentations. You just can't show off MediaPlayer or Clockwerk without video and audio clips, ShowImage without images and file management and queries and attributes without a lot of different data files.

This task is for the creation of an audio package.


First thing is to crawl the internet for usable material, i.e. short sound effects, songs, lectures etc. If you have high quality stuff you created yourself, that's even better. We'd like to have a wide variety of styles, but prefer to leave out the extreme ends of the spectrum...

Everything has to have a liberal license like Creative Commons that allows us to use it for demo purposes!


There should be 40 audio files in this package, with various types and formats (mp3, ogg, wav, midi etc.)

(For midi playback, you'll need a SoundFont. In Terminal, type "installoptionalpackage timgmsoundfont")

Keep a README file, listing all clips, their origin URL and license.

All files supporting it must have their ID3 and attributes set. Get the tool ArmyKnife for that by typing in Terminal "installoptionalpackage armyknife".


It goes without saying, everything has to be in good taste, no sexist, racist or other controversial topics.