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Google Code-in 2010 Haiku

Add support for bazaar repositories to HaikuPorter

completed by: Jrabbit

mentors: scottmc

Add support for bazaar repositories to HaikuPorter see

Current HaikuPorter has support for CVS, Subversion, Mercurial and Git.  It still lacks Bazaar which is being used by a few projects now.  HaikuPorter is written in Python, so you should be familiar with Python to work on this task.

You will need to add code to HaikuPorter that supports getting source code from a Bazaar repository.  See that code sections in HaikuPorter for how it handles svn/hg/git for example.  After adding the code you should find a project that is currently using bazaar and then write a .bep file that will demostrate that Bazaar support is working as expected. 

You will need to have a working install of Haiku or have it working in a VM, with Python installed.  You'll also need to install HaikuPorter.  Be sure to read through the various wiki pages on HaikuPorts to familiarize yourself with HaikuPorter and the .bep file format.