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Google Code-in 2010 Haiku

Resolve SDL issue 1031

completed by: marthd

mentors: Bruno Albuquerque, Adrien Destugues

The available version of SDL for Haiku is currently based on the BeOS port. It works mostly fine, but there is an annoying bug related to resizing windows.

SDL provide support for resizing the window, but due to the unusualcoordinate system used in Haiku (see , "Drawing and Dimensions"), the coordinates are off by one in some places. This cause the SDL resizeable windows to continuously grow when you move them or switch workspaces.


The bug was reported at SDL bugzilla and includes a test program that shows the problem :

  • Download SDL sourcecode
  • Download Haiku specific patches, at haiku-ports
  • Apply the patches and compile

(note the 3 items above can be automated by using HaikuPorter)

  • Find out the exact cause of the problem (is it in opening the window, or in receiving the resize message ?)
  • Provide a patch fixing the problem.