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Translate some pages of the User Guide to Italian #8

completed by: Francesco Franchina

mentors: Barrett80

Translate some parts of the Haiku User Guide from English to Italian.

The Haiku User Guide describes the system and all the included applications and preferences.

This task is to translate the User Guide to Italian language, the translation is partially done by the Community,

You must complete and review the existing italian translation, from

Where an italian translation is not present, it will show the english text.

List of the files for this Task :

The final page will be in HTML. Complete the italian translation, translating the english parts.

If you don't love modifying directly the HTML you can use the translation assistant :

It is preferred to avoid superfluous work.

It allow you to modify via web the translations, if it's your choice, we will provide you an account.

You must review the existing italian translation and fix it where is needed.

In any case, have a look at this style guide. You should use the Haiku Italia style guide also, it contains a glossary and many precious tips.