GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2010 Haiku

Research localization problems in Haiku applications

completed by: Dziadek

mentors: Adrien Destugues

Haiku localization is still an ongoing effort.

Some apps are already localized, but there may be some rough edges and polishing is still needed.


We are NOT looking for missing translations in some particular language, but :

  • Part of translations that should be automated (country names, dates, durations, file sizes) and are currently done by hand
  • Awkward splitting of a string in multiple parts, like "this disk has %d bytes free" being translated as "this disk has " and " bytes free".
  • Layouting and font problems, for example only part of the title of an application is bold in its about box, because the original title is shorter than the localized one.

Look out for such problems and report what you find.