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Google Code-in 2010 Haiku

Figure out what all the commands in `finddir B_SYSTEM_BIN_DIRECTORY` are

completed by: marthd

mentors: scottmc

From a command line run:


That's the system directory of command line tools for Haiku.  There's little or no documentation for the many command line apps included in Haiku.  This task is to put together a table showing the command name and what it's used for.  Other optional columns in this table might be version info, license, etc...  You don't need to go into details on each one, just provide some basics on what it's used for.  You can use Google/Wikipedia/etc to help, but make sure that what you find there matches what the one included with Haiku does.

You can find out what many of them do by just running them in the terminal.  Try using --version, -h, --help to see if any of those give you useful information.  For some you might try reading through the source code a bit:

Save your table in .csv format and attach it here when completed.

alert --info "We're having fun now"

Several of these are from findutils, coreutils, sharutils or diffutils, for those, you can list which package they come from.