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Google Code-in 2010 Haiku

Test out 4 contributed .bep files on HaikuPorts to verify that they work as expected

completed by: Martin Markov

mentors: scottmc

Use this trac ticket query to locate open tickets that have files attached:

These are tickets where users have attached .bep and .patch files that should be able to cleanly build the package for which the ticket was written.  You will need a recent Haiku Gcc2 hybrid install and will need to install HaikuPorter.  Then you will carefully read through the trac ticket's history and get the most recent .bep and .patch files (if any) and copy them to the correct location in your haikuports tree.  Then try to build the package.  You'll need to check them in both gcc2 and gcc4, use setgcc gcc2 to change to gcc2 and setgcc gcc4 to switch to gcc4 prior to running haikuporter.  You should check the builds using haikuporter -c -d to make sure it can cleanly build a zip package, and then try it with haikuporter -c -i to make sure it can build and install.  Keep track of any issues you run into along the way.  for this task you need to check 3 different trac tickets.  If you get stuck on anything be sure to ask for guidance.

Use nightly image r39567 as there's been some stability issues introduced with more recent builds.