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Google Code-in 2010 KDE

KAlgebra: Probabilties example

completed by: Diego Luca Candido

mentors: Aleix Pol


This task consists in the creation of a wiki page that shows how we can calculate probabilities using KAlgebra.

Consider that we're gambling with 5 dices:



  • Define the chance to get sequences "more than 3 6's"
  • Discuss, what a "fair" game should be like
  • Define bets and prizes for these considering the probability rate for each so that it is a fair game.
  • Discuss what changes would you do so that the bank keeps winning no matter what
  • Demonstrate that the bank will win at last.
  • For all of these points, use binomial coefficients and sum function

It was to be well presented following [1] and [2] guidelines.

It should provide screenshots of the final work together with the wiki explaination.

You can use [3] as a base to know how the wiki coding should be.