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Google Code-in 2010 KDE

GPS Tracking Tutorial for Marble

completed by: Kush Kaushik

mentors: Dennis Nienhüser

Write a Marble tutorial on KDE Userbase that explains how to record a GPS track with Marble and share it with other people. The following steps should be covered:


  1. Enabling GPS in Marble on the N900
  2. Saving the track to a .kml file on the N900
  3. Viewing the .kml file in Marble on the Desktop
  4. Converting the .kml file to .gpx (using gpsbabel)
  5. Uploading the file to
The last part (uploading to is just an example of sharing the data. It can be short; the emphasis of the tutorial should be on the other four parts.

The tutorial should contain screenshots to explain the various steps. To make things simpler for you, I'll provide a set of screenshots for the first three parts that you can use. Gpsbabel is a command line application, you don't need to create screenshots for it. You should do one or two screenshots for the last part by yourself.

  • Good english writing skills
  • A sane web browser (Internet Explorer is not sane)
  • Wiki markup knowledge will be helpful
  • A sample track in .kml format
  • Gpsbabel (free, for part 4)
  • A account (free, for part 5)
  • A screenshot utility (for part 5)