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Google Code-in 2010 KDE

Marble tutorial about the "Bookmark" feature in the upcoming version Marble 1.0

completed by: marthd

mentors: tackat

Write a Marble tutorial on KDE Userbase that explains how a user can create edit and delete Bookmarks in the new Marble 1.0 release.

It should show:

  1. How Bookmarks can be created from the main menu
  2. how the Bookmark adding feature suggests a useful default for the bookmark name automatically when there is an internet connection
  3. How the bookmark can also be created from the context menu on the map.
  4. How Bookmarks can be deleted
  5. How Bookmarks can be chosen
  6. How Bookmark folders can be created.
  7. It would be nice to include some Maemo screenshots as well that show the relationship to the Go To ... feature..
The tutorial should contain screenshots to explain the various steps. For the screenshots the default kde theme should be used.Screenshots should be made with quite low resolution (approximately 1024x768).

  • Good english writing skills
  • A sane web browser (Internet Explorer is not sane)
  • Marble 1.0 (RC2 for now)
  • Wiki markup knowledge will be helpful
  • A screenshot utility