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Russian GUI translation update for Parley

completed by: Edwin Veber

mentors: Alexander Potashev

Parley is a vocabulary trainer for KDE. As you can see, its Russian localization (translation of the GUI) is incomplete.


It is now only 59% completed, because Parley has seen a lot of changes recently.

Your task is to complete Russian localization of Parley. Localization should comply with Russian KDE team guidelines.

What you should know

  • Read and remember Russian KDE team localization guidelines (in Russian),
  • Note that most often asked questions are already answered in the concise handbook on translation of KDE (in Russian) by Russian KDE team,
  • The best place to ask any questions on KDE Russian localization is our mailing list (see below).


  • KDE russian translation mailing list:
    It's recommended to subscribe to the mailing list. After you send your first e-mail to the mailing list, please, check if your message has been delivered by finding it in the mailing list archives.
  • Mentor: Alexander Potashev <>
    Send me an e-mail if you have problems with posting to the mailing list or any other problems that are not suitable for discussion in the mailing list.