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Create a context menu for the scale bar plugin

completed by: marthd

mentors: tackat

This is the follow-up task for the task "Create a Configuration dialog for the scale bar plugin". It's necessary to complete the configuration dialog task before starting this one.


The scale bar displayed on the map should receive a tooltip (which always displays the ratio scale) and a context menu. Clicking the scale bar on the map with the right mousebutton should open a context menu. The context menu should provide a single entry with a checkbox "[ ] &Ratio Scale". Selecting this menu entry would enable and disable the ratio scale (which is also provided in the settings dialog).

If possible, please implement this in a generic way so that it's easy to display a context menu for all infoboxes/floatitems that provide the "lock/unlock" and "show/hide" feature.

Have a look at

for a deeper insight into Online service plugins.