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Google Code-in 2010 KDE

Survey of computer use of students

completed by: TheOne

mentors: Thomas Thym

KDE (software and community) offers a couple of fantastic opportunities for students to improve their work and life with computers. Nevertheless we could become even better in this aerea. Therefore we like to know more the computer use of students. What they do with computers, what they could do, how we could improve their lifes, fulfill their needs etc.

Design a survey to analyze the main tasks / purposes students use their computer for.

Ideas for possible keyquestions:
1. What are the things/tasks you do with your computer? (e-mail, internet, photos, sharing fotos on facebook, telephne calls, etc.

2. How important is this? How often is it done?
3. How (with wich software) do you solve the tasks today?
4. What should KDE do, to become the
- coolest
- most efficient
- ...
software developers in the world.

Feel free to create your own questions.

This survey could be designed as online survey (I can provide some links) or a print out checklist to take with you at school or ...

Let's discuss your ideas together to achieve the best results.