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Create legend for Osmarender map theme

completed by: Mario Benov

mentors: tackat

This task doesn't require any changes on C++ level. It just requires a texteditor, a screenshot tool and possibly an image editing tool. It could possibly be done on an afternoon but we allow for more time in order to leave time for questions and such.

There is an Osmarender map theme available for Marble right here:

Unfortunately the pixmaps and color values referenced inside the dgml file don't match the colors used on the Osmarender map. The colors and pixmaps that are currently used are still from the openstreetmap mapnik renderer. In order to be able to ship the map theme we need to have the legend adjusted.

Task description:

* Checkout the osmarender map theme and install it with the latest version of Marble

* Compare the color values used in the legend of the "normal" openstreetmap theme (mapnik) with those used in the Osmarender map theme using a colorpicker. Using a colorpicker and a screenshot tool find out the colors used on the Osmarender for the various parts of the map. Adjust the dgml file of the osmarender map using a texteditor

* Do the same with the pixmaps. Using an application such as the Gimp or Krita is probably a good idea in order to complete this.

The resulting dgml + the new pixmaps have to be provided as a patch (to reviewboard or as a mergerequest to the git repository).

For more information about dgml files have a look at: This usually shouldn't be required though since it's easy to find the color values and the pixmap references for the legend inside the dgml file using the texteditor. So it should mostly be selfexplaining.