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Documentation on Types of Telescopes

completed by: Ana-Maria Constantin

mentors: Akarsh Simha

PS: We have somebody working on this already. This task is not yet open. Sorry...

Description: As a part of KStars, there was a project called AstroInfo that was started several years ago. The aim of the project is to provide an encyclopedia of information accessible from within KStars, with stuff that you can try from within KStars to enhance your understanding! This content is not supposed to be as in-depth as a full-fledged encyclopedia like Wikipedia, but at a much more accessible level. The aim of this project is to write a few articles about Telescopes. It should include these topics: Types of telescopes, Parameters used to describe telescopes (aperture, focal length) etc, Image quality and Aberrations, Calculation of magnification / Field-of-view. There should also be examples of how to use KStars to calculate the FOV of a telescope. A great task to pick if you are planning to do something physics / astronomy related in future.
Also note that you should write all text on your own and not just copy-paste from other sources. Copy-pasting from other sources without appropriate attribution, called plagiarism, is a crime. Copy-pasting might not be allowed (even with attribution) by some sources, depending on their licensing terms. So you should write things on your own.
Outcome: Information about telescopes as part of the AstroInfo project.