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Plasma Activity Templates (2)

completed by: Utku Aydın

mentors: Chani

Note: this is a duplicate task, to increase the difficulty level. If you haven't been told to claim it, then don't. :)



In Plasma 4.6, users will be able to create new activities from templates. These are simple javascript packages that set up widgets, wallpaper settings, etc.

Task: Think of 3-4 useful templates, create them, and submit them to so that they appear in the "Get New Templates..." dialog.

Feel free to ask people for suggestions about what templates to make. :)
Knowledge of javascript is helpful, but not required.

-an existing template: 
-plasma desktop scripting documentation:
-the plasma mailing list:
-the irc channel: #plasma on
-You'll need to run the 4.6 beta of kdebase to test the templates - but it's not officially out yet. :) If you don't want to compile trunk, you might be able to get packages from your distro. Opensuse's are here: 
-Use plasmapkg to install the templates locally for testing. `plasma-pkg --help` will tell you how to use it. :)