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Adding WMS capabilities to the Map Creation Wizard

completed by: Utku Aydın

mentors: tackat


With the current patch for the Map Creation Wizard it's possible to create a new map from a readymade worldmap saved as a single big JPG or PNG file:

This tasks extends this wizard to provide support for WMS:

A new page should get introduced that asks the user to pic a data source:



Please choose how your map data is provided

(*)  via a WMS service

(  )  as a bitmap of the whole earth stored locally





This page would get inserted between the current 1st and 2nd page.

depending on the user's choice either the current 2nd page would get shown as a third page - or for the new WMS option - a new page which would look like this:




Server:   [ Custom                                   ]    (QComboBox which lists names for known server names and "Custom")

Url:         ________________________________     (QLineEdit which has the server Url or allows for entry of a custom one)



Available maps:

[                                                            ]   (a listview that queries the maps available from the server above

                                                                   after pressing "Search" and allows to select one)




Once search is pressed Marble would query the available maps from the WMS server. It would then only display those which are provided in projections that Marble supports. If a map is provided in various projections then Marble just displays one entry for a projection chosen by Marble.

In the next step Marble queries the capabilities for image formats. It would automatically pick JPG if available. If JPG is not available it would pick another file format supported by Qt.


Then the dgml is created from that just like with the existing implementation of the Map Wizard.

Bernhard Beschow (aka "shentey") can be asked for details.