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Google Code-in 2010 KDE

Russian translation of Step context help

completed by: Kseniya Buraya

mentors: Yuri Chornoivan

Step is KDE interactive physical simulator.

Full localization of Step is impossible without context help translation (see the highlighted area above Konqi on the screenshot below, Ukrainian locale). Regretfully, Russian translation is missing.



Where to find context help files?

Please download them through SVN (you can use Subversion under Linux/BSD or TortoiseSVN under Windows® or Mac OS X®). Execute the following command in your translation folder

svn co svn://

Should you have any troubles downloading the files please refer to contacts section.

How to translate the files?

Open the file in text editor and translate title and body sections (do not translate tags). Save the files in UTF-8 encoding.

How to keep translation consistent?

Please search the appropriate translation through KDE dictionary. Should you run into troubles please refer to contacts section. Try to interpret the meaning (use your physics textbook and Wikipedia) rather than make verbatim translation.

How to test the translation?

Use spellcheck to avoid the typos. Open the translation in your browser to ensure it is shown correctly.

Where should I send the results?

You should not send them. Please attach an archive with them to this task page.


  • KDE Russian translation mailing list:
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  • Mentor: Yuri Chornoivan <>
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