GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2010 KDE

Amarok bugs and wishes cleanup

completed by: Samuel Brack

mentors: Myriam

Amarok has quite a big list of bugs and wishes. Unfortunately there are also quite a few duplicates, and bugs or wishes that may have slipped from attention. Besides marking duplicates as such, the reports for older versions than the current stable one need to be cleaned up as well. To check the validity, this needs testing in the latest stable version.
The task consists of both testing and cleanup. To complete it do 20 testing items and 50 cleanups. A complete list will be handed out by the mentor.


  • Having a better picture of the importance of ticket handling.
  • Being able to give a hand in bug triaging
  • Capable of using the search features of bugzilla as well as capable of testing stable software releases.
  • Capable of writing a testing plan for further use.


logic thinking, methodic work.

Amarok version 2.3.2 which is the latest stable is a minimum, ideally one would work with the latest 2.4-git version as many fixes have been made since 2.3.2. To get the stable version, follow this link:


To install a local copy of Amarok 2.4-git, follow this guide:

Coordination is done on in the #amarok channel, the mentor's nick is Mamarok.