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Google Code-in 2010 KDE

Amarok: Moodbar script improvements

completed by: Евгений Лежнин

mentors: Nikhil Marathe

The Moodbar generation script

generates moodbars for tracks in the playlist. But it spawns multiple "moodbar" processes parallely for every track. If a user has thousands of tracks in his playlist, this will quickly slow down the entire system and not have a very nice impression of Amarok. Modify the script so that it always deals with a small number of tracks (say 5-10) at a time. The current "nice" based version is not to be used. Let the processes run on default priority but a small number at a time.


Keep certain things in mind to make the user experience better. Try to start generating from tracks closer to what the user is currently listening to, so that he can start seeing moodbars as fast as possible. In this case, it is quite possible that the user could suddenly jump to a totally random track. The script should recognize this and modify the generation accordingly. Make sure you don't miss any tasks!


This does not require a git version of Amarok, any stable version of Amarok should work just as well to develop the script. So an interested student need not have KDE SC or Amarok compiled from SVN/git.


Prerequisites: JavaScript, Qt basics