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Google Code-in 2010 KDE

Create a flyer to promote KDE-Edu, part 2: layout

completed by: Daniel Toma

mentors: Anne-Marie Mahfouf

The KDE-Edu project does not have any promotional material. A flyer presenting the project would help greatly. The source should be available so people can translate it in other languages. The outcome should be an easy-to-print pdf.

You need to be familiar with the KDE-Edu project software: reading the website and running some of the applications.

The task is to read the provided text and look at the screenshots and to make a flyer which could be used to promote KDE-Edu in shows, expositions, conferences, LUGs,... The text + screenshots will be already available, you need to do the layout for them. You will need to find the better way to present it (a 3 fold A4 sheet recto + verso for example or whatever you prefer). You will need to make the source available in a free format and the result will be an easy to print pdf.

You will have to add some colors to make the flyer attractive according to the KDE palette and place the KDE-Edu logo on it.

1) Get familiar with a publishing program such as Scribus or OpenOffice Writer

2) Read the provided text and look at the screenshots

3) The KDE-Edu logo will be provided as well. Choose some colors for the titles and such, according to the logo colors and the KDE palette

4) Design the flyer

5) You can get help from IRC if you are familiar with it from the #kde-edu and #kde-promo channels or from the related mailing lists.